Turn your knowledge into a profitable course that your buyers devour in record time and get real results

Sold Out Courses Magic™ Bootcamp Experience

If There Was A SIMPLE, Easy-To-Follow Formula To Turn Your Knowledge Into A Profitable Course & Actually Get Paid To Create It... ... Would you finally feel confident enough to make that course or program creation your business' #1 priority?
course creation bootcamp

By the end of this 4-Week Implementation Bootcamp Experience you'll walk away with:

  • Your own fully crafted transformational experience framework that actually leads your students from A to B as fast as possible.

  • An aligned and crave-able offer that your people can't wait to buy.

  • An asset that establishes you as the ultimate authority on your course topic.

What we'll cover in the bootcamp:

  • The only thing you really need to differentiate yourself from all those who do & teach the-same-as-you -- after you implement this you'll have an asset that will help you establish yourself as the authority in your topic.

  • My go-to process for crafting a transformational experience that actually leads your student from A to B as fast as possible -- this one will give you more clarity and focus than anything else you do, and will help ensure an awesome client experience, too.

  • 5 tiny tactics to spice up your course titles–so you can avoid boring course names while still being clear and descriptive.

  • How to choose an aligned funnel flow and map it all out from the idea validation, to pre-launch, to launch, delivery, and followup -- most struggling course creators stop right at the middle and even miss the beginning.

  • The 6-step method for crafting an aligned and crave-able offer that your people can't wait to buy -- you can’t just put up a sales page and hope Google will send the right people your way...

What's included in your investment:

  • A Sprint Implementation Bootcamp Experience with step-by-step action roadmap to create a course that sells and deliver real results.

  • The 5 core Sold Out Courses Magic™ Blueprints for creating a profitable course that stands out, feels aligned with your purpose and people devour in record time.

  • The Magic Implementation Tools & Templates Galore including worksheets, checklists, planners, etc. to help you implement as fast as possible.

  • Simple assignments after every action step that will keep you accountable and focused on what's important at every stage of the journey.

You'll also get these Magic Bonuses:

  • The Magic Course Content Planner

    to help you create your transformational course content

  • The Magic Croup Program Content Planner

    to map out your high-class group coaching program in a weekend.

  • Course Creator Resources Library

    a list of tools and tech resources (for every budget) to make it easy for you to choose what fits best for you and your business right now

Still on the fence? I've got your back with this "No Qs Asked Guarantee"

  • If you’re not 100% satisfied with the Bootcamp, the worksheets or the extras email me within 7 days of your purchase at support@instroverts.com for a full refund.